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The story begins on one summer evening in Chicago, when Darius Carter comes up empty once again while searching for his missing fiancé, Ashley Johnson. She disappeared a week before their wedding was supposed to take place, and the police had no new leads. The trail went cold even though the case remained open. Not one to idly stand by, he began to pound the pavement every day since then.

Darius grabbed a bottle of whiskey out of frustration and drank until he almost passed out on the living room sofa as darkness had set in. An hour or so had passed, and his ex-girlfriend Sage called him to do a wellness check on him. He let her know that he was going through it at the moment, and she attempted to reprimand him for his binge drinking. He subsequently shut the conversation down and let her know that everything was okay. He tuned into the nine o’clock news after that―optimistic that the police had some new information about Ashley―but there was nothing on her story fifteen or twenty minutes into the broadcast. He then decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood and ended up at a local comedy showcase to keep his mind off of his current situation.

The comedy show had proven to be therapeutic for Darius, and he felt much better afterwards. He would soon discover that he received a call from the detective assigned to Ashley’s case while he was enjoying the show, and he had some pertinent information for him. A visit to the precinct was first on the agenda the following morning, and he would quickly learn that Ashley was very much alive. However, Detective Brown informed him that Ashley’s disappearance was staged. Determined to get more answers, he decided to catch a flight to Houston to get to the bottom of the whole sordid mess by questioning her family and friends. Vanished is an urban fiction drama that reveals everything isn’t what it appears to be. This novel is a must-read for book lovers who appreciate mystery and suspense.

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